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Grooming supplies
« on: January 21, 2007, 08:05:53 pm »
The best and easiest affordable way to buy supplies is to ask a groomer. They can tell you what you need to buy for your breed of dog. Some groomers even offer lessons. I used to give lessons on clients dog's while they watched. I told them to bring what they have, so I could tell them what is good or not. They could ask any question they wanted. Then, I gave them a list of what to buy, and where to buy it.

Biggest mistake people do, is buying clippers and blades from superstores. If you plan on keeping your dog forever (lol), then why not invest in good items? Like Sally's for people, we have grooming catalogs and stores for dogs.

Blade sharpening runs an average of $5, clipper repair runs about $20+.  So, don't throw your things out, just ask the nearest groomer where they fix theirs.

P.S., Ryan's Pet Supplies.  They both have everything you can imagine: shirts, ribbon, leashes, collars, brushes, shampoos, etc.
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