Author Topic: The Newfie fun in the snow day continues!!! We finally got Klondike in action..  (Read 2883 times)

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We were able to convince Klondike the big bear to come out to play this afternoon too, so we were able to get some pics of him on film.  Our puppers are just going to be so pooped out tonight!  Not one of them has taken a nap for more than 5 minutes today!  Snow and cold makes for many happy Newfies in our house!


Anita & the 4 Newfies from NEWF Jersey


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such a looker! I just love all your newfs!

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Gorgeous! :)

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Great photos!  What happy newfies! :)


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I love those pics!!  Looks like they were having so much fun in the snow!  ;D

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Big K finally got in on the action!  :) 

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I love your newfys!! they look like they are having a blast!! :)


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Boy what a lot of fun that had to have been. Big K is just gorgeous.

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Great pictures! I love your crew!

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