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Pictures of my boy! ( GREYCLOUD)

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I'm pretty new here and haven't posted much, so I thought I would post some pics.of Grey Cloud my Siberian husky. He's a real clown at times but always a joy to have around and great company!  ;D I hope you like him, he makes me proud.

Beautiful Boy.
We have 2 Siberians and they can be clowns.
They have profiles under my husbands name "Siberexpress"

he is adorable!!!!

He is gorgeous! Do you guys have snow for him to run in?

Yes we have about 4" on the ground right now and he sure love the white stuff. It's been very cold here the past few days, so I have been bringing him in the house alot with my son and I to play. But he sure whats to be out in the cold weather more than in side! :) Our highs have been in the single degrees and lows have been like -10 to 15 with the wind chill  :o, but I think Cloud love these temps!


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