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allergies to dogs, mastiff ok?


We have been on a waiting list forever to get an american mastiff.  We are getting her this weekend but have just discovered that our daughter is allergic to my parents golden retriever.  Will she be allergic to the mastiff too?

IMO Each dog is different, we have an English Mastiff and myself and my daughter are fine with her but not good with Cockers it's more your daughter is alergic to the dander, saliva(rash/runny eyes/runny nose) has she been tested? How bad are her reactions? How old is your daughter? Some people grow out of allergies, and some grow into them. There are alot of different steps you can take to still have a dog with family members that have allergies. The Dr will try and tell you NO pets and really that is your choice to make but it can be done. Good luck

As a pet owner who has been deemd as "algeric" to pets I can tell you that not all animals have the same impact.  Black Labs for instance tend to have higher levels on dander and effect me much more than the Dane, Bassette and Mastiff I have (hardly at all).  There are a lot of variables as the previouse poster mentioned.  be prepared to forumlate you own educated decision based on many information streams.

I'm allergic to cats , bunnies and my Mom's Papillon , but not my Newfies , go figure !


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