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The face of sleep

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While this went on outside (the view from our front steps):

This was going on inside:

lol omg, does he do anything but sleep? ;D I take it that duck was placed for the picture lol..that is so cute.. gotta love the tongue hanging out.

And good lord, can you explain the tree?

We were in the midst of that crazy Northeast storm that brought 40mph winds and giant snowflakes blowing everywhere. Needless to say, the dogs were NOT into going outside!  Those are 2 different trees on my block.  Recently they repaved the sidewalk and the brain surgeons who did the job cut away at the roots of the trees and then cemented around them.  Not so bright.

Lucian was cuddling with the duck when he turned, I only straightened it out  ;)  He uses his "hands" more than any other pup I've seen!

Wow, that explains the tree..I feel bad for the person that owns that car under it.

I can't believe he holds the duck like that, that's crazy.. he's so adorable and not the least bit spoiled I can tell. ;)

God, I love that pup!  Pictures say a thousand words... LOVEABLE!!!


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