Author Topic: most unique memory of your large breed that was possible only with a large breed  (Read 4278 times)

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just for fun i was wanting to see what some of the other experiences out there are that are memorable to you and your family, things that would not have taken place if your dog had been smaller.
            my most supprising moment was when my Duramax (great dane) was running around in the house playing and he miss calculated a turn in the kitchen, BOOM! of course he didnt even notice kept playing tail wagging having fun. but when i walked into the kitchen later i realised that the boom i'd heard was not the dog running into the wall, but running 'into' the wall there is a hole in my wall! i was very thankfull that he hadnt gotten hurt, he hadnt even noticed at all accually. but i will never forget... 
 in the corner left of the picture you can see the beginning of the hole he made that day
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Duramax.  What an awesome name.  Sorry about the hole in your wall too.  Hi there, I'm Misty and I'm the proud pushover for Miss Gracie, English Mastiff.  My unique memory is of a past pet, Shaft.  He was also a dane and before I knew better I use to leave him out while I was at work.  I would come home and the furniture would be completely re arranged and he also managed to chew every single pair of shoes I owned.  Well, not the shoes I wore to work that day but amazingly every pair he could sink his teeth into.  I have to say, I was sad that he ate my shoes and the redecorating didn't help.  He just wasn't very good at it. 
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hm...  i have had the luck *knock on wood* that my dogs haven't done too much damage, but if i had to pick one event, i'd have to say my favorite memory with axle (my oldest) is when he was outside supposed to be going potty.  we had the tv on, and he heard it and thought someone was "getting me" and jumped through the screen door and came barging in the room with his chest all puffed up like he was REALLY going to do something!  i think he was only about 8 months old at the time, so it was more funny than intimidating!  it was hard to explain to hubby that he had done that, since hubby had only known axle for about 2 weeks (he got deployed right after we moved on post) ha ha.
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omg, i think my memorey would be with Zeus, my dane, who passed...  My mom was over cookin Christmas Turkey. she turned around for two seconds and yells at me "GET YOUR DOG". Zeus had helped him self to the fresh out of the oven Turkey, took a leg and ran ROFL. My mom was shocked. lol. it was a pretty funny event, and one i will always remember with Zeussy boy... RIP Zeus...

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well angel is the only large breed dog ive had. but one day walking her we saw a cat , i grabbed her collar n said "no angel.. stay.." well angel hates cats.. she kept lickin her lips and started to try and go after it , i said no again, and put one leg on either side arms around her neck trying to keep her still.. she took off running, me on her back. i felt like a jockey. she didnt go far with me but i rode her trying to  protect a little cat  :D


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Great idea for a thread!

That's Kate, our Leonberger, she'll be 2 in July. I would have to say the most unique memory (that still takes place actually) is the counter-surfing. Not the best manners, but funny - still haven't gotten a picture unfortuantely. When you're that tall and can just rest your chin on the counter, why not???