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New GSD pup
« on: June 02, 2007, 09:05:59 am »
this is Archer, i picked her for my sister, this pup is from a german import that was sent to the states bred, titled on both ends up the wazoo with schutz and working titles, this is a promising young pup.
She is from our area, a training facility for Schutz, sells most of the pups to police officers for working dogs as in SAR also.
some go for pets.
my husband is pictured holding archer in the first foto.
he would love to be a K-9 unit but money doesnt allow for it in our state, the budgets have been cut so far down already.
anyway, just wanted to show off a non roached backed GSD.
i am sure she will FLOAT just fine without the roached back! LOL

I had a blast capturing different expressions from this pup!!

Photography by Christine FOR ORDERS

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