Author Topic: Did anyone hear about Oprah's Golden retreiver ? What a careful  (Read 1481 times)

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Hello Everyone,

I haven't been on BPO in such a long time but, I hope all of you, yours & your pups are all doing well.

I just read the article about Oprah's poor little Golden named Gracie.  Apparently the dog had choked to death on a small plastic ball that was one of her Cocker spaniels' toys.  What a shame.  Gracie had just turned 2 the end of May.  Between this tragedy & the article I read about the Newfie choking on a tennis ball, I am definitely only going to buy the extra large tennis balls from now on for our pups.  It makes me worry to think that stuff like this happens so quickly & tragically.  The article is on Oprah's web site if anyone is interested in reading about.  Please be careful & check your dog's toys to help prevent a tragedy like this.

Keep well.

Anita & the 4 Newfies from NJ

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I have heard a few stories about big dogs choking on tennis balls too...I use the larger ones, or other large toys too.
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I read this recently on CNN (I think) and it's so tragic.  We think of small toys posing a choking hazard for our skin kids, but sadly it can and does happen to our furry kids, too.   :'(  I thought that I was also very careful, but not an hour ago Sammy came into the living room with something in his mouth.  We made him drop it and sure enough, he had one of the kids' toys that is disc shaped (flat & circular) and about and inch and a half in diameter in his mouth.  Yikes!  :o  I had the kids check over the playroom for anything else left out, just in case.  It's enough to give me (more) gray hairs!  I feel so badly for Oprah.  RIP sweet Gracie!   :'(

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That is so sad. Poor girl.

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ya i heard about this on the news, it's sad, she was so adorable too. and was the closest to oprah of the 3 :( she realy loves her dogs too. i bet she's having a tough time right now.
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