Author Topic: Teddy's going to have a better holiday than me! (but I still feel guilty)  (Read 3572 times)

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I'm going to the beach next week and the cottage we have rented doesn't allow pets.   :( 

I'm feelin' kinda guilty and I'm going to miss my Big Guy, but I think he's going to have a fantastic time!  I booked him into the most posh pet resort we have available in our area! 

He gets his own air conditioned suite with doggy door to outside kennel which he can access at all times.  He gets out to the "play yard" with other dogs 5-6 times per day AND he gets two "bush walks" out on the trails everyday too!  I think his holiday will be just as exciting as ours!
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Any chance it's in Kitchener?

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hehe, i know how you feel.  i'm sure he will miss you but he will have a good time.  when i went to wyoming in may my landlords dogsat heidi for me, and when i got back i think she was a little disappointed that she wasn't having as many playdates with her doggy friends=)  "mom, you're so booring! why do i have to BEHAVE myself again?"

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wow that totaly sounds fun! i wouldnt feel guilty at all, Teddy's going to be a social butterfly next week
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