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Axle's skin
« on: November 27, 2007, 07:36:30 pm »
Everything is going good.  Axle has started to play with me and the dogs this past week, which is hilarious, he does this bunny hop thing!!  He is chewing on himself though, which Stephanie says he does when he is stressed.  Well I thought he was finished with the chewing but now he has a big raw spot at the base of his tail and on his stomach, so I'm thinking ok maybe fleas (I have sand in an area of my backyard) but when I'm brushing him and trying to clean his spots I see nothing and I don't see any on Issy or Daphne either and I usually do especially during brushing.  Just in case I gave him a capstar, nothing changed.  My question I guess is will rescue rememdy maybe help this?  He doesn't act anxious or pace or anything like that.  He's started to let me know if he needs anything.  I'm going to go look for a faucet converter for a hand held shower head to give them all a bath (can't get my shower head off, plus it rocks!!).  I know with the horses sometimes we wash them with betadine too do you think I should try that?  Any thoughts would be awesome!!!

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