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Dog Runner?
« on: November 28, 2007, 08:23:07 pm »
Winter is approaching fast and they are calling for snow this weekend for us.  This got me to thinking, that it's a pain for me to have to get all dressed up to take Kodiak out in 3 feet of snow for a batheroom break.  We live in an apartment a busy corner.  Our back hard is not fenced in so I have a chain around the tree in the back yard and that's what i use to tie Kodiak out.  The tree is about 35 feet from the back porch and when we get all that snow I can already tell it's going to be a pain to dig up the chain to let him out.  I was thinking about putting in a runner that would go from the back porch to the tree so Kodiak would be able to play in the snow and get his "outside time" without a: me being worried that he'll try to investigate the road, and b: i can hook him up at the back door and he can come back to the door when it's time to come back inside.  I've tried looking online for some runners with limited success.  Does anyone here use one? could you reccommend one for me to try?   Kodiak is about 65 pounds now, and he's been holding pretty steady there for about a month so i'm not expecting him to grow too much more at this poing  (being 14 mos old).  Any suggestions would be great.  Thanks!