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Newbie to BPO
« on: January 05, 2008, 04:03:07 pm »
Hi everyone! I am new here and I am just cruising around to get myself aquianted with this board. so many nice people here!

My name is Kymi and I got a GP for Christmas. This is my first BIG dog. A neighbor brought her over on Christmas mornig as a surprise for me. She has a wonderful male and two females she bred. This pup is out of her male and her mom's female. She look slike her daddy. She is the runt, which I love, and is such a neat pup! She cracks me up every day!

I live on 10 acres, have horses and mentioned to this neighbor that I was thinking about getting a GP to guard them. Last year we had a bear go through our pasture and our gelding chased it off. we also have mountain lions, bobcats and coyotes here so I wanted a guard dog for the horses. She has met the horses, altho our gelding chased her out of the pastureyesterd ay. I think it is because I also have a heeler/collie mix pup who has chased the horses too much. This is going to be interesting... having a guardian and a herder at the same time!
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