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UTI and crystals
« on: January 17, 2008, 06:52:51 pm »
Well, we spent half our night last night at the Emergency Vet.  I found drops of blood on the kitchen floor and started looking for the source.  I found Max, who is going to the dermatologist in 2 weeks, had chewed his tail and hips raw.  He cannot take any antihistamines until after his visit.  The blood was where he sat to get his biscuit.  I thought that was it.  I cleaned the floor and let them all out.  When they came back in I saw drops of blood again.  I cleaned them up and saw blood on top of Max's back foot.  I inspected his foot, leg, etc. and spotted blood on the fur around the end of his willy.  After looking at it really closely, it was dripping blood.  Sooo, off we go.  Turns out it was a severe urinary infection.  He had a urine PH of over 9 and crystals in his urine.  Sooo, off we go to our vet today for XRays to see if he has stones.  No stones, just a really severe infection.  He is taking antibiotics again.  He is still bleeding quite a bit, but the vet thinks it will clear up within 48 hours.  My questions is, has anyone ever dealt with this and how did you decrease the calcium and balance the PH in the urine?  I have done quite a bit of research online today and am finding completely contradicting information on each website I have pulled up.  Some say calcium in their diet decreases the output in urine, some say it increases.  Some say lower the protein content and some say increase it.  Our vet says to only give him distilled water as water is the main source of calcium in an animals diet.  I know our pool water is high in calcium, but he only drinks out of that maybe once a week or so.  HELP!!
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