Author Topic: Need info on saints, sorry this is so long  (Read 3087 times)

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Need info on saints, sorry this is so long
« on: February 03, 2008, 04:07:23 am »
I've volunteered to help with the local saint rescue group.  My first event is a walk in 2 weeks.  They are loaning me a saint to walk, since I don't have one, thought about dressing Max up or dying Jake's fur, but no.  Anyway, there are always a ton of questions about the dogs at these events.  I am trying to get educated, since I have never owned one.  These are some of the questions we are always asked about our dogs, so I am expecting them about the saints.  I have answered what I can, hope it is right, can anyone give me more info or correct me where I am wrong.
1. How much do they eat?  About as much as any other large breed dog and less than some medium sized, hyper dogs.
2. Don't they shed like crazy?  They do shed, the short haired less volume than the long haired.  They also have 2 seasonal major sheds, spring and fall.
3. Are they good with children?  Yes, as long as they are socialized well with them.  They are not recommended for very small children, due to their size, but if raised with them, they are great family dogs, very patient and tolerant of children.
4. Do they bark a lot?   ???????
5. Are they good guard dogs?  Due to their size, they are an excellent deterrent, but are not considered to be a good guard dog. 
6.  Are they protective?  If the need arises, they will protect their family.
7. Are they territorial?  Not typically.
8. Do they drool a lot?  Yes, some more than others, but they all drool.
Can you think of more questions, correct or add to my answers?  Thanks for the help.
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Re: Need info on saints, sorry this is so long
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2008, 11:01:25 am »
1. How much do they eat?
It all depends on the brand of food and the activity level of the dog. But basically, they eat as much as any other giant breed dog.
2. Don't they shed like crazy? 
Yes, yes, yes. With proper grooming you can reduce the amount the shed, but even with grooming that shed a lot. If you can't stand the thought of fur in the house, a long haired saint is not for you. I haven't owned a short haired saint, but I believe they shed less.
3. Are they good with children?  
It all depends on the individual dog, socialization, etc. But in general saints have a wonderful temperament and are very gentle with children. However, they should be supervised with very small children - as should any giant breed - just because children can accidentally get knocked over from their sheer size alone, and because saints are really heavy when they accidentally step on your feet.
4. Do they bark a lot?   
Again, depends on the individual. I can only say that my Zoey barely ever barked before she got sick.
5. Are they good guard dogs? 
No. They are so gentle and cuddly they would only deter someone really scared of dogs
6.  Are they protective? 
The same as any other dog - they are loyal to their family and would be there for them if need be. But they aren't generally aggressive, or territorial about their owners.
7. Are they territorial? 
Not typically. But again it all depends on the individual dog and how it is raised
8. Do they drool a lot? 
Absolutely. Some people claim to breed saints with a smaller jowl for less drooling, but I've never seen a saint that doesn't drool. However, they only drool when they are excited or smell yummy food, so you know when you're gonna need a drool rag. Also, they drool in their water bowl and spill a lot of water, which isn't a big deal if you set up their feeding area well.
Something else
Many people think that saints are lazy and need no exercise. However, that couldn't be further from the truth. Saints are in fact very laid back and will totally relax and sleep a lot in your house, but they need regular  exercise, especially because of the prevalence of hip dysplasia (which any prospective owner should be prepared to deal with)
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Re: Need info on saints, sorry this is so long
« Reply #2 on: February 27, 2008, 12:31:59 am »
Don't know if this is true with all Saints, but Rella thinks she is a lap dog! And counter surfing is a big concern for some people looking at large breed dogs.

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Re: Need info on saints, sorry this is so long
« Reply #3 on: February 27, 2008, 07:43:58 am »
About drooling I always answered the same but my girl Grace is not drooling at all! Even my GSD drool, but she - dont! I do not know the reason, but she is very pleasant exception.

About saints I also would reccomend them not to be around elderly people... Especially if somebody adopts a pup or young saint. Our Grace likes to use paws a lot (habit from being chained on very short chain for a long time), and she just used her paw to say hello to husband, and as a result he is in bed for past three days with seriously stringed knee. Saints are just BIG. And on top of that they can not be discrimined when we talk about lapdogs. All saints that I knew were sure that they are proper lapdogs, and were really sad if they were rejected.
I had saint when my children were toddlers, and first dangerous thing is tail - he was knocking children over just by waving his tail... But they did not mind it at all as other than that dog was the best nanny.
People who own saints also must say good bye to low coffee tables - one wave by tail, and all thiny cups and plates, coffe pot and all that go to floor into pieces. :D

Barking and territorial really depends on dogs, but in general no - they do not bark much and they are not real guard dogs. But they do, they do when they see the necessety. (In comparison, GSD do when you see the necessity, that's the difference)
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