Author Topic: Late ~Lucca turned 4 wks on Wednesday! <3 enhanced with puppy pics ;)  (Read 1918 times)

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I've been working a lot, so I haven't had a chance to reply to posts and stuff (although, thanks to the magic of iphone, I still lurk around whenever I get a chance  ;)) Anyways, I think I have officially become the weird girl addicted to the BPO dog forum but doesn't even have the big paw yet!

So, Lucca (yes, that's his name!! it's official -I e-mailed the breeder and they're calling him that. so it's settled) turned 4 weeks on Wednesday, and his wonderful breeder sent me  his weekly update e-mail. She claims he's the sweetest in the litter (might she be saying this to all the future moms? :P) and likes to be on his own while the other pups are all over each other. OK. So sweet and calm.. I likes so far  :D.. AND, that day, at exactly 4 weeks of age, Lucca is 9 lbs 5 oz.    ...     :o

I'm not sure, but that sounds HUGE!! I have to admit I had the brief thought of "what have I gotten myself into?!" flash through my head ;D not in a regret sort of way, but surprised and happy kind of moment. So, I don't know but he does sound pretty big... what does everyone think? Am I just overly excited about my new baby? is this pretty average for a saint bernard pup? any guesses/estimates as to what his full-grown size might be? I swear, he already looks all legs in one of the pictures... and he already has that lazy, sweet, wise, kind of sleepy saint expression. How is it possible that I already love this pup so much!!!  ::)

BTW, he looks all glowy in these pictures... maybe only i see it...


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