Author Topic: Oma's Pride® from Miller Foods ???????????  (Read 1248 times)

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Oma's Pride® from Miller Foods ???????????
« on: February 28, 2008, 02:23:36 am »

Has anyone used this food ?

Good Nutrition and Good Health
are available for your pets without
mess or inconvenience
Miller Foods Inc. brings you Oma's Pride® -- a complete line of pre-prepared raw food products made expressly for those feeding raw diets to their pets.  With our fresh-frozen ground meat/bone products, you provide the love, while we provide:

We use fresh quick blanched then flash frozen vegetables-this process breaks down the extremely hard to digest  initial cellulose layer, kills any bacteria, salmonella and also allows the animal to absorb the maximum of nutrients.

Oma's Pride Mixes (Chicken, Turkey, Beef and Lamb) are made with USDA inspected meats -- these are the same meats we sell for human consumption

The convenience and safety of ground meat/bone

The variety of meats (chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, buffalo, venison, ostrich, rabbit, duck, kangaroo, and salmon) that insure your pet will receive the full spectrum of nutrients it needs

Easy-to-use "mixes" that contain ground meat/bone, ground organ meats and ground vegetables

Call about our products that are All Natural, Hormone & Antibiotic Free 

AND -- because there are no additives of any kind in our products, you maintain complete control over the supplements and "extras" your pet receives.  Some raw diet companies have introduced products that are the raw version of kibble -- formulas that are supposed to be "100% complete and balanced, so you can feed it everyday".  Since we don't believe that any food can be 100% complete and balanced enough to feed on a day-after-day basis, we've deliberately brought you simple, clean, high quality, convenient-to-use products with lots of variety so that you can decide which oils, trace minerals, vitamins and other supplements should be added to your pet's diet.

The mystery of good health and nutrition is locked within the fresh, raw foods provided by nature.  But now part of the secret is out:  Oma's Pride® from Miller Foods is your one-stop source for the nourishing, natural meat and bones that will help insure a long and healthy life for your companion animals
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Re: Oma's Pride® from Miller Foods ???????????
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2008, 05:37:50 am »
we have used it, but it is very expencive, and much less money if you make it yourself!