Author Topic: HELP!!!! My Mastiff Puppy is AGGRESSIVE!!  (Read 16538 times)


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Re: HELP!!!! My Mastiff Puppy is AGGRESSIVE!!
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Hi Everyone,
So, I'm beginning to come to terms, I'm not training trackers, attack dogs or protection dogs anymore...I'm so THANKFUL that this site exists!  Everything that everyone has said, has made me feel so much better about raising this rascal.  I'm incredibly humbled and pleased that so many people are so knowledgeable, its very impressive.

So now, Roscoe has been sitting quietly before any playtime, feedings, letting in/out of the house.  I'm very impressed how one afternoon could make such a difference.  We still have some growling and chewing...NO SNAPPING :) thank goodness.  I think that as long as a keep this up, I won't worry about a 170lbs dog rolling me!!

I've found his weakness! Frozen biscuits and toys, this is great. Although he only gets about 3-4 a day, he seems to enjoy it for an hour at least.  He's slept quietly in the crate for two nights now. My niece is still shy around him, but I see she wants to be around him.

He's so wonderful, its just every once in awhile, he'll start snarling at the other dog or myself, and he loses ALL privileges until he's calmed down.

Thanks so much everyone, I'll definately keep you posted on Roscoe's progress.  I know its only been a couple days, but I'm already excited on what's to come, and SUPER THANKFUL that there are so many people out here that I can turn to if I have a question.

Audrey & Roscoe

PS Like how the couch cushions are sinking because SOMEBODY is sneaking puppy food when I'm not looking.
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Re: HELP!!!! My Mastiff Puppy is AGGRESSIVE!!
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Oh, YAY! It sounds like you are already making progress! That's awesome. And that pic is ADORABLE! I love your dogs!