Author Topic: ??? When do Puppies Start Losing their Teeth???-What do I do?  (Read 3128 times)


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Hi Everyone!

Roscoe started losing his teeth this week- The only reason I suspect this because I found a tooth in his poop!  He's about 3 1/2 months now... I THINK I'm starting to see some teeth growing in, but I could totally be wrong.

He woke up this morning EXTREMELY frustrated, I can tell this teething is killing him.  He sits by the fridge waiting for the frozen toys and ice cubes.

So my questions- When should Mastiff puppies start getting their teeth in?

Is there anything else I can do for him? -chew toys, ice cubes- it doesn't seem to be enough...

I'm blessed that he hasn't seen my shoes, coffee table legs, socks, chew toys... But I feel bad, he doesn't seem to get any relief.

Any help would be appreciated!



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Re: ??? When do Puppies Start Losing their Teeth???-What do I do?
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OoOoh THANK YOU for the advice!  Is it bad that he swallows his teeth?  It wont rupture anything internally?

  I'm SOOO paranoid, I lost 2 of my puppies in the past 3 years because of FREAK accidents...

He seems to like to crunch on Snapple bottles, I've put water in them and froze 'em...  Hopefully he'll feel better, is there anything...lik e medication I can give him in case it doesn't get better?  How do I know what's "Better" or "Worse"