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« on: March 23, 2008, 01:42:50 am »
Hi, we have been reading everyones post for awhile, so we feel like we know some of you.  You all have really good advice on big paws.  We have learned a lot! :)  We have two babies, Dante and Alex.  Dante is a 5 1/2 month old OEM and Alex is a 9 yr old Dalmation.  They are wonderful. We also have to non-fur children, both boys age 12 and 7.  They are pretty great to.  ;D  I will try to post some pics as soon as I figure out how to crop them. 

I saw this story and thought it was neat.
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Re: Hi
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2008, 08:47:32 am »
Hello and welcome! I'm Jennifer and my fur crew is listed in my signature below and I also have 4 year old twin girls. This site is awesome, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!  ;D

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Re: Hi
« Reply #2 on: March 23, 2008, 08:10:16 pm »
Hello and welcome!

My name is Chris and my crew is listed below.  I would love to see some pix of your crew.

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Re: Hi
« Reply #3 on: March 24, 2008, 08:47:25 am »
Hello!!! I am Lauren and i have a bunch of fur kids. BUT...I have jazmine the deaf great dane, and Titan the 9 month (almost 10 month!!! OMG where did the time go!!   :'( :) OEM puppy.   (we also have a belgian malinois, shar pei pup, four ferrets, and a cat too)