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Potty habits
« on: June 23, 2008, 08:34:58 am »
Reading another post mentioning Bosco liking to pee on tarps reminded me of an issue Sophie has. Ever since we got her, she has always peed on her bedding. No matter where it is or whatever other options she has. Even brand new ones that don't have the urine smell.

I bring them into the garage at night (too hot in the house for them) and have a nice piece of carpet in the corner for them to sleep on. I hadn't noticed her peeing on that and thought she finally outgrew the habit. Not so. I was cleaning out the garage and removed the carpet only to see several pee stains on the reverse side. I thought dogs didn't like to mess where they sleep. Goofy girl, I don't want to take all soft bedding out, but I also don't want them sleeping on pee soaked bedding. Funny that I haven't noticed any urine smell on either dog, but eewwww. :P