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The movie "Off the Chain"


Has anyone ever seen Off the Chain??


I heard about it on a pit bull forum and ordered it on amazon.com. It made me cry so much!  :'( It was soo sad!!

I feel so sorry for those dogs!

If anyone is looking to watch it you can see it on youtube it is split into 5 parts all that tie in so you miss nothing.

 Being a documentary freak, I think it needed to spend more time on the factual history of the breed. I feel they  tried to paint a rosy picture of this breeds past and act as if it was "changed" by more recent generations. Also I was slightly angered by the finger pointing at police for the issue and the amount of tax payers money going to stop it only to have the people walk away with a slap on the wrist.

Well, just finished watching it on  youtube.

I really wish it had spent less time talking to that one idiot of a dude.  Love of the breed, my @ss.  And he only got 6 mo unsupervised probation as a sentence?  Good grief!  >:(

I do think the breed has changed by recent generations (recent, meaning last hundred years or so).  They aren't the same breed they once were (as most breeds aren't).  But I think it needed to spend more time on the good points on the breed and what is being done for them rather than spending so much time on the dog fighting aspect........ ..even though the movie was on the dog fighting part.  It certainly isn't going to change anyone's mind who dislikes the breed b/c of the stigma that goes along with them.......... .....if anything it will make it worse.

Very graphic though.  Wasn't sure if I could finish watching all of it.  Especially since I was eating lunch at the same time.

Want to watch a better one order American Pit Bull Terrier off of Amazon, loved it!


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