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My surprise Birthday present!!

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I would like you to meet Mya!

I saw her on the internet and told my Mom all about her. My Mom said maybe sometime in the future I will get you one. I looked a few days later and she was sold. Well, come to find, my Mom was the one that had bought her!! lol

Her breeder takes great care of his dogs and the dogs were beautiful! They were fed Solid Gold and their dogs are very well taken care of. Also, they asked my Mom tons of questions and really care about where their puppies go. Mya's Mom and Dad were sweethearts! Her and her parents are beautiful dogs! They were so sweet and just wanted to give us kisses. Mya is the most docile, sweet puppy I have every met. She has a wonderful personality and I am in love with her!!!

She is a 5 month old fawn with a black mask American Bully.

She did great with the other dogs. She is very calm and laid back. She is also submissive. Tank, our newfie mix, is in love with her! I think she is going to fit in just fine.
She got a bath and sprayed with flea spray. She is doing great!

The first picture is the picture that made me fall in love with. The second two are the pictures we took of her today. Then the fourth one is of her and Tank!

I can see why you fell in love! What a great surprise. She is absolutely beautiful. Congratulation s.

Mya did wonderful last night and she is such a wonderful puppy!!! :D She just needs to work on being leashed trained! :D

Awwwe, she is adorable!  I agree, why can't I get those kinds of presents?...........lol .  Okay I have gotten those kinds of presents but only if I buy them myself.   :P

She looks like she is fitting in well.  Congrats!

Awww,  cute!  Great present- I will have to show my husband this post... :)


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