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New pictures of MYA!!!!!! :D

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Mya is doing wonderful at our home!! She is so well behaved and LOVES Tank! If you do not know already, I got Mya for a surprise birthday present from my Mom! She a 5 month old American Bully. She is very smart and already knows how to sit, stay, come and we are working on laying down. She is very loyal and never barks! lol But, I am sure Tank will eventually teach her the bad habits he has learned from the dachshunds! haha!

Here are some updated pictures of Mya and me!!! She was off leash in our front yard. We live out in the country and she is very well behaved outside off a leash! :D

awwwwe, she is very cute.  I love the smile on her face.  :)

haha! yea, I love her big smile!

She is so adorable! You both look very happy.  :)

Mya is actually an American Bully not an American Staffordshire Bull Terrier. :D


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