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Hope everyone is doing well!  I haven't been around in ages.  :) 

Starting to have issues and I was hoping someone out there could give me some direction before I become a "Big Pawless" home and I am VERY close. 

Over the past 6 months to a year, Boudreaux has become a snapper.  Not to family or people he is around even on occasion but to new people only.  Nothing specific has happened to cause this, he is never around strangers alone.  It SEEMS to be about introduction.  For example, I work with a woman that stops by the house every Thursday to bring the payroll to me for our location.  The first time she was scheduled to come by I told her that "Boudreaux would probably come to the front door, that he doesn't bite but he will come right up to her and start checking her out and he is BIG!  Just ignore him, don't pet him, don't talk to him, nothing."  She did that and now when she stops by he runs right up to her at the front door and she can pet him on the head, back, whatever and he is fine.  People that he hasn't 'met' before he will run (not charge, but will jog directly to them sometimes barking) right up to them and if they reach out to pet him, he will snap at them.  (It doesn't matter if we are outside or if this is at the front door) Sometime with his hair standing on end, sometimes not.  The snap doesn't seem to make contact, but I DO. NOT. LIKE. IT.  Boudreaux was thru obedience training and was neutered.  Unfortunately, he wasn't socialized well enough when he was little.  We used to be able to take him to social events like the town festivals in the area and walk him thru the crowds and people could pet him, etc.  Now, you couldn't pay me to do that.  Anyone have any suggestions?  I do plan on contacting our trainer to see what he says.  I hate to put him down...but I am getting frustrated enough that it is coming.  Any comments/suggestions are appreciated!     

Please contact your trainer- this is from fear and plays right into the fact he wasn't socialised well at a younger age.  However it IS fixable


thank you Patrick!  I have an email out to him this morning!  Have a great weekend!

One suggestion that the trainer will probably give as well.......... to have strangers hand him treats.  Of course this will only work if he is food motivated.

You would start with said person tossing a treat, away from them, making sure he sees it.  May help to keep him from rushing in at them.  Have them toss a few more treat to him on the floor.  Do not have the person make any contact with him or look at him during this part of training.

Do this with multiple people he hasn't met yet.  If he gets to the point he is good with that, see how he is with strangers hand feeding him treats while patting his head.

He needs to learn that meeting strangers under supervision is a good thing.  If he gets to the point where he can be taken out in public again, you may need to have new people he meets hand him a few treats.

At the same time, I might teach him not to rush at people.  It may make some people nervous, which may cause him to be more nervous.  The more nervous he is, the more nippy he may be.

Oh I HATE the rushing thing.  Worst thing is, my 4 year old will on occasion, open the front door so BOOM there is the dog too.  Ugh.  I will for sure try the treat training.  Thank you for the information!


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