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NDR.. UGH! Felidae canned food.
« on: October 16, 2008, 10:49:04 am »
I have been feeding Felidae canned as a main diet to my 2 adult cats and 2 kittens for quite some time. Both the chicken and rice and the chicken, turkey, lamb and fish.

I've been finding tiny bones pieces in the food (mainly in the 4 protein formula) but lately these 'pieces' are getting bigger. They look to me like cooked chicken bones.  I'll attach a pic so you all can see what I mean...

Plus I've been finding hard globs of what seems like cartilage.. sometimes all throughout the can or stuck to the bottom. Whatever it is none of the cats will eat it.. it has a rotten fishy smell to it.  The expiry date on these cans is 2013.. so I know they are not old.

I was even more ticked me off when I found this link concerning the bones and the mystery crap in their canned food from June/07. They obviously never attempted to fix the problem.  >:(

So not only did they cheapen their dry foods (Canidae and Felidae) they need to improve the quality control on their canned foods also.  >:( Their way of fixing the problem is to send me free coupons for food. Ummm no thanks. ::)

Just a heads up to those with kitties that feed Felidae. I'm switching everyone to EVO 95% canned.

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