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Re: Jack comes home tomorrow!
« Reply #15 on: October 27, 2008, 04:50:19 am »
Clifford was 4 months old when he stopped have any accidents in the house. Both my dogs hated the baby gates more than their crates, I don't know if it was because sometimes they were up and sometimes not. Clifford just knocked them over. With Annie my Jack Russel, she was the first dog I crated. I thought she would prefer to stay in the kitchen with more room and a baby gate up. To start with she could climb over most and get out anyway. It very early on got to the point when I got the baby gate out she would run and sit in her crate. Obviously that was her decision. She is 8 years old and still goes to take naps in her crate or sleep there when I am moving around and bothering her in our bed where she usually sleeps. Clifford I only occasionally crate, he is 14 months old now. He has never just gone to his crate, but doesn't mind when I tell him to(usually with a kong stuffed with peanut butter thrown in first ;D)
Don't worry you'll get to sleep through the night one of these days.

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Re: Jack comes home tomorrow!
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OMG!  Jack is soooo cute!

We're going through potty training round two ourselves.  Ursa, our Pyr, was trained in record time - we got her at just under 4 months and she was completely trained in under 2 weeks. 

I doubt we'll be that lucky with Fargo, our Newf.  He could be the best boy in the world but Ursa's kind of spoiled us when it comes to ease of training!  Poor guy has a lot to live up to!
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