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Viking Lady:
Sorry..but I have tried several times to copy a quote from someone when I wanted to post something and I am doing it wrong. Does anyone mind a quick lesson?

Also, I am adding Luke's picture with each post. It was set up to stay there before the site went down a while back. I don't know how to make it stay.

You're not a computer dummy :D Navigating around sites can be confusing.

 :D I'll give it my best shot  ;)

Click on your user name--it will take you to "Modify your Profile page" In the column to the LEFT, click on "Forum Profile Information" When the new page comes up, Click on "Add my own picture" Click on "Browse" to find the picture you want. Click on "Open" and the picture will be  permanently added.

Underneath all posts it gives an option of "Reply with Quote" Click on that link-when the next page comes up--scroll all the way down under the last "Quote" then add your reply.

I think ??? this is right. I've not been on BPO all that long, but this path seems to work for me. Maybe someone else has a better/easier/simpler explanation ;D

Took me days to figure out how to add pics at the bottom of a post. You are not alone, LOL!

Viking Lady:
Thanx........I think it worked. After you told me about the quote part I didn't have a reason to use it. Nobody said nuttin'........

You're very welcome. Try copying with quote on this reply ;D


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