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Please Vote for Newfoundland Rescue
« on: November 08, 2008, 01:55:36 am »
If you've ever wanted to help Rescue, but didn't feel you could, now's your chance and it's FREE! See Instructions at the end of this post.

The Animal Rescue site and Petfinder are holding a $100,000 Shelter Challenge to award grants to various shelters and rescue organizations. Awards for a $25,000 Grand prize , $10,000 runner up, $1000 State prize and $1000 weekly prize are offered.

You may vote once per day until Dec. 14th. If each forum member votes for a different Newfoundland Rescue each day, it will increase their chances dramatically. Sign up for their daily reminder if you're like me and have senior moments! LOL

Only Rescues that are listed on Petfinder are included in the contest. So far, these are the Newfoundland Rescue organizations that I have been able to find using the search term "Newfoundland" (see below), but there may be others so check also for other Regional clubs or independent Rescues. Spread your love and generosity around! Remember, it's FREE and there is NO REGISTRATION! Vote from work and home!

Newfoundland Rescues:

Heart of America Newfoundland Rescue - MO

South Central Newfoundland Club Rescue - IN

Newfoundland Club of America Rescue - WI

Rocky Mountain Newfoundland Rescue - CO

With your help, these rescues could win at the state level, if not the grand prize or runner up. With today's economy, more and more Newfs are likely to be surrendered to rescue. We need your help now!


You can click to help animals at, and then vote
for your favorite participating shelter. Clicking and voting are free, with no registration required. You can vote once every day during the Challenge,
which starts on September 29th and ends on December 14th at midnight. Visit to learn more. It's free, and only takes a moment of your time. Thank you!
1. Click on (the big purple button) 'Click Here to Give' and be brought to next page (#2 below).
2. Click on "Vote Now" (at the top of the page or the large Shelter Challenge info box at the bottom) which takes you to the search page.
3. In the search box put in the shelter name and the state. Click Search.
4. Click on the Vote button once the name appears after the search.
5. Click the 'Confirm your Vote' after typing whatever animal you see (in lower case letters).
6. This last page will tell you your vote has been counted.

You'll also be helping to feed a rescue pet by clicking on the first page! What a great gift to give for the holidays!

Thanks for your help!
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