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I might Have a Sad Problem

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As we all know, I have an Akita. And I'm moving back home with my mom and she doesn't like him because he is a large breed. He stays outside but he like to dig and she hates that. There is a chance I am going to have to give him away. I was hoping soneone on the website might be kind enought to take care of my baby. my mom won't compromise on the situation. Please let me know. Please take care of my baby I love him soo much. It hurts just to write this. please let me know, send me an personal message.

 :'( :'( :'( :'(

I am sorry to hear that your mom won't let you bring him home. I have been there before and that was many years ago and i still think about the dog. I wish you the best in finding a wonderful forever home for him! Marina

I'm so sorry!

I know how hard this is for you. Maybe if your mom got to know your boy better? Is she afraid of him? Could you ask your mom to try it for awhile?

my mom has been attacked by a large dog when she was younger. then shoda has bitten her boyfriends. he just went in the yard and started petting him, i think shoda was just doing his job and guarding. then my mom got a toy pomeranian and was attacked by two pits last month. so she doesnt like shoda because he is big. i tried talking her into just giving him a small section of the yard and she doesn't like the idea. she does like the idea of him being on a leash with a dog house cause she feels bad when it rains. i'm going back in about ten days for the xmas break. we will see what will happen then as to what she decides.

I wish you luck in figuring out a solution. That has to be hard. Wishing you the best.


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