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Judge orders 2 dogs be euthanized for barking

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Viking Lady:
What I don't understand is, they paid fines and fixed the reason for the digging out. Where did the court action come from? Is the victim(?) taking it to court? Or is it the city taking it on, or what?

Viking Lady:
The reason I asked in the prior post is that our dog supposedly bit a dog catcher (years ago)when he got loose from our yard. Our vet, who had to confine him for 10 days, told me that the dog catcher got his finger caught in the choke chain trying to get him in the truck and that he didn't believe Poco would bite. Anyway, we paid a fine because there was a leash law. Later, when the insurance company tried to sue us for the medical bills, our attorney told me that when I paid the ticket it was an admission of guilt so we couldn't fight it.

Amy (guffer):
This story is heartbreaking.  Those dogs are adored family pets.  You can tell that the family takes good care of them.  Just because one person "feels" threatened, their lives have to end?  It makes me sick.  And who is this trainer that actually agrees they should be put down for barking at someone near their property?  Does he know anything about dogs?  Ridiculous!

Maybe the biker's spandex were too tight and cutting off too much circulation and he wasn't seeing correctly...th e pitbulls were probably just saying hi.

At least the dogs have a stay and the owners have a lawyer. What a lot of trouble over nothing. *grumble*


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