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Reluctant Statue


At first is was just one bird. Maybe he'll go away.

Hamlet says hello. My, this statue is rather comfy.

Pasta says, a statue sounds good right now, I wonder if there is one around here?

Louigi also wonders where he can get himself a good statue to relax on.

Soon, all 3 birds were comfortably resting on their "statue". Wow, what a find! You never find statues this time of year in this location!

Gunther wonders how he will get rid of this infestation.

He starts to cry in despair.

Then decides to look to mom for help.

I am happy to say that mom did indeed help Gunther rid himself of the pesky birds and they found other statues to reside on.
And they all lived happily ever after.

What a great guy Gunther is! Those pictures are awesome. I hope the birds didn't leave their mark on that statue, if you know what I mean...

Those are great pictures

Newly Newfed:
Love those pics!  I was laughing at the look on poor Gunther's face with all of those birdies on him!  He looked like he just wished the ground would swallow him up!

Now those pics belong in some magazine somewhere, those are priceless. What an awesome Dane you've got!


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