Author Topic: Please Any Advice in Crate Training Two 10 Week Old Male / Female Siblings  (Read 3383 times)

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OK... I am a believer. Please share with me the best methods for crate training.  Since we have two puppies should we use the same crate or seperate.  They love to snuggle together, we often find them tucked under the farthest corner of the closet under the hanging clothes SACKED OUT!.... I welcome all suggestions on crate training.  I have several books but prefer real life experiences.   Our previous Saint Cassie, trained in about a week.  I think we just got lucky :)
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I prefer 2 different crates for mine.  For me it kind of helped knowing who was still having accidents with potty training.  Also for mine they actually prefer different types of kennels.  Kaila prefers the vari-kennel (plastic sides and more enclosed).  Shiner prefers the wire kennels and so did Cinder. 
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I have to crate my two together.  If they are crated seperatly they will bark and howl in agony until either released from the crate, or put together in the same crate. I have a Big Paw, and a tiny paw though, so it's easier for me to do that.  With two Saints, it might be a little more difficult, unless you have an actual room you could designate as their "Doggy Den".  Another thing you could try, which is something that I know some other BPOers do is place 2 crates side by side, so that they're in their own crates but still together.   :)

Good luck!  :D
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My dogs are more like Kathryn's.  Sadie like the vari-kennel but cries if she's in a wire crate.  Fargo on the other hand loves the wire crate.  We crate ours side by side in the dog room when we aren't home.  Ursa is in the room with them but she's no longer crated.

What worked for us was giving a treat for going into the crate.  When we leave for work we put in a peanut butter kong or a twist n treat toy with some of their kibble in it.  Trust me - they both run for the crate! 

We have crates set up in our room for nightime use but don't usually close the doors. 
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If they like to snuggle, let 'em share till they get too big. Mine didn't like to share (or at least Clancy didn't; Slag hated the kennel from day one and never really changed her opinion).


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I can't really give you any crating advice...since I've attempted and failed miserably with the whole "crating" thing.  BUT...I can tell you about giving the dogs they're own room if you have an extra one.  Our boys get the guest room, so whenever we have people over I always warn them... "I hope you're not allergic, cause you're sleeping in the kids room" lol!  :D

But I can't wait to see pics!