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Ok so im sorry that i did not get these pictures on here earlier. lol! Porschas Birthday was January 14th and she had a great birthday, she got presents and a cake (My first ever doggie cake i made) it turned out great it looked so real it was crazy!! And of course Porscha and Mercedes just LOVED the cake. It was a 2 layer cake and it was fun to make. Porscha got to go to Petsmart too and meet some doggie friends. 

Well since i did not post here on Porschas birthday here is a little happy birthday and tribute to my sweet girl.

*I cant really put into words how much i love Porscha. I'm really the luckiest person in the world to own such a beautiful and amazing Akita, people always say that dogs have changed their life and without them, they wouldnt be here. Well thats true for me. She has made my life such a joy.
Happy Birthday to my sweet and beautiful Porscha. 

I am still hard at work trying to finish Porschas 1 year old video. Its going to be a wodnerful video and a tribute to Porscha and her first year. Its hard to cram 1 year of pictures into a 10 min. slideshow/Video (Youtube only allows videos that are not longer than 10 Mins!) So i am cramming puppy pictures and very picture i can find into the video. Oh how hard it is to cram 1 year old life into a 10 min. video. lol! But i am almost done, i am hoping to be done with it by the 1st of Febuary keep your paws and fingers crossed. lol! 

Ok anyways here are some Pictures from Porschas 1st Birthday Party:::::

Here is the Cake before i decorated it::

Starting to add some decorating things to the cake:::

Here is the Cake after i was done decorating::::

With the Candle Lite::::

Porscha with her cake:::

Yummy Yummy!!!

The First slice was cut for Porscha::::

The first Slice::::

Porscha and Mercedes enjoying the Cake:::


Porscha with her Presents:::::

All this for Me???

Porscha with her new Squeaky toy::::

Petsmart gave her a Treat Because it was her birthday:::: (And she loved it, But took her about a 1 hour to eat it. lol) ::

Porscha and Mercedes enjoying their treat::::

Wow, she looks so well behaved to be sitting next to her cake with the candle lit, and not touching it! Impressive.
Happy Barkday, Porscha!


Thank You. :) :)
She is one well behaved girl, and i am proud to be her owner and trainer. :) Thanks. :)

i agree. none of my dogs would be able to sit there and not eat that cake. Yum! looks tastey (if i were a dog)
Happy 1st birthday Porscha! You lucky girl you :)


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