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How high can an Akita jump?


Hello Everybody.  Our sons new dog Balla, a beautiful 4 year old Akita, will be staying with us during the day while our son is at work.  We know that he loves to spend part of the day outside and so we would like to provide him with a safe area to relax in.  We have a large raised shed he can sit in but the fence around the lawn area we feel may be too low.  We have no idea how high Balla can jump so can anyone come up with any suggestion of an ideal fence height?  We live on a farm, surrounded by fields of sheep (Balla is fascinated!) and we would like to keep him and them safe! Help! Luv from Kaz & Balla in Scotland (and from Bruno, the Pointer)

My 7 year old girl has never tried to jump over fences but she has tried to go through them to get to cats and other smaller animals(rabbits, squirrels, rodents).

I would say a 6 foot fence would be ideal but in my experience with Akita's, if they want out, they will get out.
Just have to keep a watchful eye on him.

Thanks everyone!  7 foot high fence going up today.  I'll be keeping an eye on him anyway and he'll only be in there if we're not out wandering the hills or he's not sitting on my feet!!  What beautiful dogs you all have too! XX


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