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The Picture of Health!
« on: March 23, 2009, 10:19:55 am »
That is the phrase my vet used to describe Miss Naja today! (except for a slight bladder infection  ::))  He also said that it is just a JOY to see her, and how good it makes him feel seeing just how healthy she is.  She is now a fully grown weight of 97.6 lbs, and unless I plan on doing anything like drafting, or carting, she should not put anymore weight on.  I do need to work at brushing her teeth on a daily basis though, as she has some tartar build up, and she's got a very mild bladder infection. 

So my question to my BPO gurus is: Instead of giving her the antibiotics that they sold me, because it's a VERY mild infection, do you think maybe I could give her cranberry to help clear the infection?  They gave me 10 days worth of pills, but if it's a mild enough infection, I'd much rather give her something natural, instead of pharmacutical.  ???
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