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She's getting brave


She'll pick up the wiggle ball now.

Can you imagine the effect a wiggle ball would have on Newf lips????   ;D

try it.  :)  $4 at walmart and it comes with its first battery. 

Pyr Heaven:
Awww. Lin. Grace is so flippin' cute! hahaha :-* :-* :-* I love when you take the ball away from her to make sure it's turned on and she is like umm. mom? I was playing with that. hahaha  ;D :D ;)

thank you!  She has a lot of fun pouncing this ball.  What you didn't hear when I borrowed the ball was the moan and snarl.  she's protective of it.  But, she had turned it off and was sitting there with it between her paws waiting for it to bounce around.  this morning, she was picking it up and tossing it across the room.  i think this is more entertaining for me. 


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