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Oh Poop. I see where this is going.


My new external flash come in the mail today.  OK by UPS.  There was a knock on the door (which is closed most of the time now after the paw in the door insident).   Grace launched herself off the couch to the window.   She barked and I heard a surprised WHAO! from the guy in brown as he skirted around the bushes to head back to his truck. 
We opened the box and I explained what was in the box.   Grace helped me get all the stuffing out of the box and I loaded the flash on the camera.   I told her she was going to have to help me learn how to use this thing since it's a bounce flash.  I have a wedding to do in October and I want to know all about this thing before then. 
She looked at me and ran into the bedroom.   She knows this means she'll be the subject of many pictures.   and she hates that.   Look at this face.
Already I love this thing.  There's no light in this apartment and this flash is a lot more powerful than the built in.  it really warms up the subject in and outside.

A few more

Thank you.   She just doesn't like to pose much.


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