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I found it and Mom says I can keep it.

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We went for a walk before the rain started today.  We're at the middle school where Grace spots a white spot in the grass.  Of course, we have to investigate.  Here was a toy soccor ball. I asked her if she wanted me to put it in my pocket so we could finish our walk. NO...that's ok...I got it in my mouth.  She insisted on turning around and taking the short cut home.  She was so happy that I didn't take it away from her like I do with all the other junk she brings home.  Finally, something she found that she can keep.

 :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Oh Grace your so lucky your mom cares for you! Love your ball marina

Grace!  You always make me giggle!  Have fun with your find!  I love how happy she looks in that last picture, she's got a really great smile!  :D

Thanks...she does smile, doesn't she?   she's so happy when she finds something. 
Am I the only one who's dog does this?

Grace is so cute, I do love her smile. Neither of my dogs treasure hunt, but I do let Annie pick out her own toys. I just got her a bunch of 25 cent stuffed animals at a yard sale, put them all on the floor and she takes quite a while sniffing, picking up and putting down, before she decides on one. She does get very happy whenever she gets a new toy even though she destroys them all fairly quickly.


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