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Just introducing myself.
« on: June 11, 2009, 06:30:57 am »
I don't know exactly how much information to put here so I'll just put lots!

My name is "Droo" it's a nick name I picked up over the years that even my own family refers to me as. I'm 37 years young, an IT professional, a former Marine, a big kid.

I am thoroughly attached to angelsmama and her two lovely girls Rose and Angel.

I am not currently owned by an aminul (yes it's misspelled on purpose kthx) but I do live with a Chihuahua named Daisy, we do not know her age for sure but I'd guess a year and several months. I also love Angel and frequently go talk to her and take her for walks when I'm with Cori and am able.

I'm usually a cat person but I love dogs *big dogs* too, I have had in the past our first dog "Lady", a Collie when I was VERY young. My next goggeh in school days was Brownie, a Chocolate lab.

I rescued a black lab/dober mix in my late teens named Licorice, she was still waiting on me when I returned from the Marine Corps, I miss her everyday. And also rescued an ex K-9 Pure German Sheppard named Joker, gave him a great ending home where he just romped and played until his old age got the best of him.

I'll dig up some pics of them if I can.

I think most likely in the future, unless we just rescue something, we'll have either a Mastiff or a GD or maybe even a Pit, mostly up to Cori but I love all 3 breeds and how she cares for her aminulz kittehs and goggehs and snakes (ball pythons only babe plz? kthx).

'bout wraps it up I guess, want to know anything else, just drop me a message. (I'll post some pics when I find them)