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Training an adult Dane in house manners??


Hello all,

So you have probably read Odinn's story in my previous posts. I went into a little bit of how he is acting in the house... and I could REALLY use some help with that!! I have never brought in a fully grown young male dane who had not been inside a house since puppyhood, needless to say it is not going very smoothly.

We have lost our TV, china cabinet, and a couple of meals so far. He is just so boisterous and he WILL NOT settle once he comes inside, he has his "happy tail" whipping around knocking our skin-kids over, jumping on the couch and sqashing us and the kids, putting his nose into everything and knocking everything possible over. Let me make it clear that I DO NOT BLAME HIM for this behavior. He is excited and curious and I feel that it is only natural, but he is going to hurt one of the kids or myself (as you can all see I'm 9 months pregnant) and we need to address the problem in as quick a fashion as possible. Does anyone have any helpful hints?

He is doing very well and has not had any accidents inside (yet) the only problem is he is a bull in a china cabinet!!


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