Saint Bernard Weight Chart from 0 days old - 5 years old

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  Saint Bernard Weight Chart from 0 days old - 5 years old
« on: August 30, 2005, 02:13:11 PM »

Saintly Girl
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This is a chart of Saint Bernard average weights in the 1950's.  This tool is a useful guide only and you shouldn't pannic if your dog is not average.  The statistics are from the 1950's and Saints were smaller back then.  They are being bread larger and larger so your dog could be way higher or way lower.  My dog Maxwell was quite a bit higher every week and now he's still way higher but he's in good shape and is not overweight.   If your dog's tummy is tucked up and you can feel his ribs a bit, you're fine.  Also if you look down at your dog from a top view and he/she has an hourglass shape, he/she is at a healthy weight.  All I know is that Saints differ a lot from one to the other and the breeding practices haven't been that great so you can have super small saints or super huge ones.

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