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« on: January 22, 2006, 01:30:37 am »
K, I've read everything on these boards about feeding raw and barf and I did it for awhile with my last saint and loved it but found it to be cost prohibitive.  I really want to go back to it for Thor but I need some ideas on different "recipes/variety" for him.  Does anyone feed their furkids venison?  Is it safe to do this?  I have a ton of deer hunters in my area and am wondering can dogs be fed the leftover stuff that they leave on the deer that we don't eat?  Also can cooked oatmeal be used to make breakfast patties?  Thor is only five months old (in a few days) and wieghs 68lbs.  I've read that puppies should be fed more than once a day so please help me out with the math.  How do i know that he's getting the right protien etc?  I told a coworker who's a vet student about feeding him the raw and barf diets and she about died saying that the bones splinter even if they're raw and how kibble is much much better.  I thought she was nuts.  Anywho please help me figure out the math and a "menu" for Thor. 

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