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Photos of Greta
« on: May 21, 2005, 08:33:10 am »
Greta is my sweetheart!  She has always been on the grumpy side, plus she purrs like a cat when given a massage.  At first, we thought it was a mean growl, but we learned, over time, that it just meant, "Do that again!"  She did extremely well in puppy kindergarten and all of her obedience classes.  She seems to be super intelligent (of course, don't they all?) and understands complete sentences.  (So much for the dog behaviorists who say that dogs only perceive human tone of voice.)  If I tell her, "Go around to the other side!" she will stretch her neck and peer around the given obstacle until she sees a clear path.  She is very cautious of stepping on anyone, unlike Betti and Lou, who just gallop across any person, leaving a trail of bruises.

I would describe Greta's overall temperment as bossy and aggressive.  When she turned three her attitude changed and she began attempting to bully smaller dogs at the offleash parks.  We have spoiled her, too, which didn't help and now she must be supervised constantly and kept separate from Betti at all times, but we will always do whatever we can, because this is her family and home, as well as Betti's.  Lou and Greta get along excellent, because they were raised together since puppyhood.  They have a strong bond.

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