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Fumble Feb 06 Valentines Winner
« on: February 18, 2006, 10:37:35 am »

3. Breed of Dog:  Newfoundland

4. Birthdate & current age of dog:  July 20, 2005 & 7 Mos old

5. Explanation of how you chose the winning outfit:  my sisters idea.  we took an old tux shirt, cut off the back and then put him it in.  took a heart scarf and made it into a bowtie and then took a stuffed rose and put it in his mouth!  aka! took a very quick pic!

6. Best/Worst traits of your dog:  Best Trait, his completely oaffiness and loveableness Worst, the adolescent stage

7. Best Liked/Least Liked food/treat of your dog:  I don't think there are any least likeD!  his favorites include peanut butter, pepperoni, chicken, cheese... basically anything and everything

8. Favorite Toy:  ms. giggles, a build a bear my sister got me

9. Favorite place to hang out in the house:  the threshold between the kitchen and the porch.. or the bathtub

10. Best friend (dog friend) and why:  Brock, my best friend's uncle's dog.  a chocolate lab mix.  fumble doesn't leave him alone! follows and constantly wants to play!

11. Favorite memory with this dog:  there are too many to count!! i think everyday there's a new memory!  i would have to pick... hmm... toughie... i can't choose!

Thanks again everyone that voted for him!!  i'm soo excited about st. pattys day too!!  now the question is how to get him to not eat his costume! lol! 

"My newfoundlands live my life as passionately as i live theirs"
"I slip the hater of what i've become.  they slip the halter of what they've been, and we live together, passionately, changed"
-Both from "in the company of newfies"



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Re: Fumble Feb 06 Valentines Winner
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2006, 01:41:43 pm »
Congrats! You look so handsome!

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Re: Fumble Feb 06 Valentines Winner
« Reply #2 on: February 18, 2006, 01:49:26 pm »
Awww... who could refuse a proposal from this guy??