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Kiah March-06 St. Patrick's Contest Winner!!!
« on: March 19, 2006, 04:31:26 am »
Breed of Dog: Great Pyrenees

Birthdate & current age of dog: Kiah's 1 year her birthdate is March 8th, 2005

Explanation of how you chose the winning outfit: I was at Hyvee getting groceries when I saw all the St. Patrick's day stuff. Earlier that day on BPO I saw the thread from Jaime saying that Fumble was the only dog entered. So I knew that I had to get something for my dogs.

Best/Worst traits of your dog: Her best trait is that she's very lovable. Worst trait is her stubborness. She listen only when she wants too!

Best Liked/Least Liked food/treat of your dog: Favorite treat is Liver treats. They can regular or freezed dried. Least liked: Nothing! She'll eat anything!

Favorite Toy: Her rope!

Favorite place to hang out in the house: In front of our big bay window.

Best friend (dog friend) and why: My mom's dog Gypsy because they always have so much fun together.

Favorite memory with this dog: Bringing her home from the breeder. It was an eight hour drive. The whole time she sat on my lap or between my legs on the floor. She mostly slept the whole time. She loves car rides!
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Re: Kiah March-06 St. Patrick's Contest Winner!!!
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Tons of big 'ol smooches for you baby!!!