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Katie and Carter
« on: April 24, 2006, 07:47:10 pm »
are doing pretty well.  Katie still isn't eating much but she is eating regularly so I'm sure she'll get up to a normal intake once she settles in a little more.  She was used to eating whenever she wanted and I'm feeding twice a day so I'm sure that is a major adjustment for her.  I'm putting some of the satin ball stuff in there to encourage her to eat but Carter cleans up whatever she doesn't eat so I don't dare just leave food down all the time.  She's an absolute love bug!  :-* She LEANS right into you when you pet her and spends at least half her time with people on her side wanting her belly rubbed!  At least there is no shortage of people here to rub her belly.  When one gets tired, another takes over.  She'll also paw at you to get you to pet her if you stop.

We took off Carter's cone yesterday and all seems to be going well.  He was SO EXCITED to get that thing off!  So were my ducks! LOL!  I got some eggs again today - they had not laid since he came on Fri from fright from him crashing into their pens.  When it came off, he ran around like a big, overgrown puppy!  He's such a riot.  He's as goofy as Katie is serious.  What a pair!  He'll take your hand or arm very gently in his mouth when he gets all excited playing.  :D He is also very much a love bug.  He's also an eating machine!  He's eaten everything I've put in front of him so far which is quite a bit!  I'm trying not to overfeed since his stool was a bit loose but he's so thin it is hard not to feed him all he wants. 

I was supposed to take both of them and Jesse to the vet Fri but Katy still thinks she'd like to kill the other dogs so I think she'll stay home.  She doesn't seem to have any outstanding health issues so I think she can wait with her chip for a bit.  I do have some questions about Carter and would like a vet check in addition to the chip.  The rescue coordinator was pretty sure that he doesn't hear well and I agree.  He seems to hear somewhat but other times you can be right next to him (esp when he's asleep) calling to him and he doesn't wake up.  There's also something strange about one of his back legs - seems to be in the foot.  He doesn't walk right and it looks like it doesn't bend right, or over-bends if that makes any sense. :-\

We took Katie and Carter for a short walk last night to see how they'd do on a leash.  It was pretty obvious that neither had been on a leash much but both were very responsive - looking to me and DH as to what we wanted.  They pulled a little as would be expected of dogs who had never been taught to walk on a leash but I was pleasantly surprised that they were as easy to handle as they were.  They were both VERY excited about the walk so I'm sure we'll eventually be able to have a great time.  We didn't go far though because of Carter's foot, neuter and also because he's not in very good shape.  Katie has been working so she is in good shape but Carter has been very confined so he's just not up to much physical activity.

If the rain stops for a few minutes, I'll try to get some better pics of them, esp Carter without the cone.  He's gorgeous when he dries out!  Not that that has happened much in the last few days but I did see it once.  Unfortunately I was on my way somewhere and didn't have time to go back and get the camera. ::)



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Re: Katie and Carter
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2006, 09:20:21 pm »
I'm happy things are going well. Hopefully Carter's leg isn't so serious. By the way it sounds it doesn't seem to be bothering him. I'm sure he's happy as can be running free instead of being penned up. Katie sounds wonderful to love on too! I love happy endings!