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Eider's silly antics
« on: April 30, 2006, 03:32:22 am »
Must be the day for silly stories...   Eider has been full of something today.  Not in a bad way for once.  Just a nut.  He followed me upstairs while I was doing a few things and I heard him rustling around in the shower so I looked over and wished I'd had the camera!  He came out of the shower with the curtain flowing over him!  Looked like he was wearing a dress! 

Then we went down stairs and Eider in his usual fashion got tired of one at a time.  He decided to jump down the last 3 stairs.  Unfortunately I was also walking down the stairs at the same time.  He crashed into the back of my legs.

Lately Eider has been having serious technical difficulties.  He can't hold two toys in his mouth at once.  He gets one toy in his mouth, then gets frustrated because he wants the other toy and can't hold both in his mouth at once.  Life is so difficult for a puppy!  ;D

Last, but not least, is his problem with food.  He thinks he ought to eat everything we eat.  DH was eating a banana and offered a piece to Eider.  Eider took it because it was people food but pretty soon decided he REALLY didn't like it!  You should have seen his face!  We also discovered he doesn't like hot food.  A neighbor kid was over and the only mustard I had for the bologna sandwich was hot.  He thought he wanted it but decided it was too hot after just one bite.  Eider and Jesse split the sandwich but Eider thought the mustard was too hot too!  Too funny watching his face again!