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Maggie- May '06 Champion
« on: May 14, 2006, 03:06:12 pm »
Name: Maggie
Breed: Doberman Pinscher
Age: 3/21/01, 5 years old

Maggie and Me are very close. So it's easy for us to take a pic together since we're always cuddling.
 Maggie is a horrible garbage picker, actually just this morning my mom woke me up to pick up all the trash she dug out of the bathroom ::) She also likes to go into the litterbox.
 Maggie loves people and kids. She'll easily let them climb on her without giving them a second look. She can be very protective of my neices.
 Maggie loves pretty much any kind of food! I don't think I've seen her turn down anything. Her favorite, I would have to say, is anything raw. She really loves it when I give to her.
 Maggie's favorite toys are tennis balls and anything that squeaks. She'll treat the squeakies as her babies and keep them away from other animals and people. She likes to groom them and cuddle with them. She is also a tennis ball addict and she likes it best when I get a bunch of tennis balls throw them everywhere and she'll get them and put them in a pile!
 Maggie loves to sleep on the couch or anything soft. She is so spoiled that sleeping on a hardwood floor would just be the end of the world.
 Maggie's best DOG friend, she has 3, are Marty(our dashchund), Roxie(our min pin), and Nicole's Cabeza.
 One of my favorite memories with Maggie is probably when I was 11-12 years old and we were running around the neighborhood, she was still a puppy, and I climbed up a tree to play hide and seek with her. She came tearing around the corner and sat under my tree branch and started crying at me. She's so attached to me and me to her.

Thank You everyone for voting for Maggie! She truly is a real momma's girl. ;D
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