When to Get Your Dog Fixed

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When Is the Best Time to Get Him/Her Fixed?

Comment 1: When did you get your dog "fixed" if you're not planning to breed or show?

6 Months to 1 Year

Comment 2: I thought I had heard 6 months but this same vet tells me anytime in the first year. I know you should get it done in gals before their first heat but since you can't predict when this will be..is 6 months too early in your estimation?

Veterinarians Recommendation

Comment 3: My vet (also the vet I work for) suggests spaying at 6 months...he says that if they come into heat even once before spaying them-this can increase their chance of getting breast cancer....so when I got my dog, my breeder reccomended spaying her at 8 months of age because she needs those hormones to continue growing....so I was torn...do what my vet says is best or what my breeder says?? I told my breeder of my concerns and she said that most of her girls don't come into heat until they are a year old anyway....and that UC Davis has done studies that prove that the risk of cancer does not in fact increase if they go into heat....who's right?? I don't know....being that my auusie is on the smaller side, I opted to wait until she is 8 months old to spay her since she might need those hormones to help w/ her growth :) She will be 8 months on the 15th and her surgery is scheduled on the 26th of this month....so....so far so good....hope this helped a little!!

Better to Spay and Neuter Early

One reason why a bitch gets spayed before she has her first season is due to complications. Once the internals go through the season process spaying becomes more complex.

Apparently it is cheaper to spay a bitch before she comes into season and usually a vet will not spay a bitch whilst in season. So if you wait until she reaches 8mths, she just might come into season before the scheduled de-sexing date. Then you'll have to wait at least 4 weeks before you can have her speyed.

My bitches have come into season at 8mths and 10mths.

I do know that it is recommended that males get de-sexed at 12mths. This is the average time frame to allow for growth. One of my male pups was neutered at 5.5mths by his owner. His head didn't fill out like it should have and he became leggy. I'm not certain of the outcome for bitches.


Comment 4: I prefer to have dogs nuetered or spayed later between 8 and 14 months. In my dal it caused an increased problem with urinary crystals and do know of aussies with them as well. The urethra isn't allowed to mature and widen causing problems. Also have read reports from vets that if you plan to use the dog for performance it might be better to wait till almost 18 mo nths to spay and neuter as to not interfer with growth plates in the legs. Also some females showed an increase in incontinence. I'll have to see if I can find the article. Or does anyone else have it on hand?

But now we have this nasty little cocker spaniel rescue here and he isn't neutered, he'll be 11 in april. Can anyone tell me if they have neutered at this age and how month until the first year.

What Happens When Fixed Too Early?

Comment 5: If you get your dog spayed/neutered too early the growth plates stay open and the dog will grow taller, slimmer, and longer. I usually wait until at least the 9th month until the first year.

Here are the articles regarding early spay-neuter for canine athletes


Why We Spay and Neuter Animals

Comment 6: Apparently the dogs do go through a incontinence stage, but I don't know if that ever gets better or worse!

The squirts in the car though could be stress related and being overly excited when the bladder is full:))
A friend of mine has my dogs son and when he took him home at eight weeks he en counted no. 2's through stress whilst travelling in the back of his Ute. He fortunately grew out of it. He was de-sexed at 4yrs with no adverse affects.

The only thing I can suggest to you is that before you put the dog in the car make him go to the toilet and don't feed him prior to the trip.
Perhaps you might want to stop frequently to ensure that accidents don't happen! What is the dogs behaviour in the car prior to letting go? Is he telling you he needs to go and you're not reading him? Something to think about.

I personally haven't had any problems with the ages that I have de-sexed any of dogs! Only positive outcomes!

My bitch was speyed at 4.5yrs due to her silent seasons and phantoms also causing her to short gait in the show ring. She literally buckled up with pain on the turns, as a woman would with period pain. Since her being speyed she has never looked back! Her performance in the trials has improved out of sight! She was unfortunately withdrawn from the show ring. You can't have everything, but she did give me 7 vibrant and healthy pups.

One of my dogs that I have mentioned before was de-sexed at 13mths and no issues!

My current dog was de-sexed at 4yrs, was used as a stud dog and calmed him down. He wanted to mount anything on four legs, even neutered males. Very frustrating when in a trial and he runs off to mount:))

A bitch doesn't need to have a litter to mature and a male doesn't need to test the waters before being de-sexed!
A bitch can develop Pyometra if kept entire as a bitch that experiences Silent Seasons and Phantoms!

Bottom line! If you're not a breeder and have no intentions of ever breeding from your dog or bitch, whether or not that they be suitable, then DE-SEX them.

One more thing! I have a bitch currently as we speak in season, day 7 and I have her littler brother whom is entire!
You can imagine the fun I'm having right now, but I have come across a spray that puts off the male. I spray it on the bitch's rear end and the male retreats. I had never used this product before but it has calmed my male down to the point that he is not pacing and climbing the walls:))) Before anyone jumps up and down, I'm not that stupid to leave them alone together:))) It just calms him down!

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